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1982 Vanagon L Diesel Westfalia

For sale - An extremely rare 34,500 mile 1982 Vanagon L Diesel Westfalia (VIN # WV2ZG0259CH134105) in near original and perfect condition. I luckily stumbled across this van last year and purchased it from an 80 year old gentleman who had owned it for the past 27+ years. It has hardly been used and in fact it still had the original tires when I purchased it. (they were old and cracked and had to be quickly replaced). This van will be listed for sale on a no reserve 10 day E-bay auction beginning on Monday April 12th, 2010. (Search keywords: 1982 Vanagon Diesel Westfalia) See photos below for more description. Click on photos to enlarge. Van is located 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City in Perry, Utah just off of I-15. Feel free to E-mail or call before or during auction -
Aaron (801) 510-2241 or

My wife likes photography so she took out the van to get some good shots before we sell it.

In this photo you can see a small scuff/scrape above the wheel well. I decided not to mess with it and let the new owner determine what they wanted to do with it.

One of the only non stock items on the van is an old school 1980's aftermarket Panasonic AM/FM Cassette Radio.

When I purchased the van it had been sitting for a year and would not start. I don't know much about diesel engines so I took it to some VW experts in Ogden (Bug Craft BC autoworks) I was hoping to just spend a couple of hundred dollars to get it going, but I ended up spending $1,581. The van needed a rebuilt fuel injector pump (work done at Baker's Diesel in Ogden), new glow plugs and glow plug relay, and while they were at it they replaced the timing belt and timing belt tensioner. Now the van starts and runs great. The van easily started in below freezing temperatures this past winter.
The engine is of course currently original diesel fuel powered, but with some modifications it could be a great bio-diesel candidate.
If you've read this far you know about the VW diesel engine. It is the same 45 or so horsepower engine that was used in the VW Rabbit. The VW diesel mechanic that did the injector pump work was impressed with the get-up-and-go that this van has. As far as driving it around town I'd compare its stop-and-go at below 30 mph speeds to an 1980 air cooled VW van that I had. Top speed is a struggle and I've found that 55 or so is comfy.
Those familiar with older Westfalias know of the contact paper-like material that was used to cover some of the interior surfaces in these vans. Like many vans this age, the contact material was peeling and cracking. I went ahead, and with the help of a heat gun, removed all of this material. If you wanted to get this van in car show condition you might consider reapplying a similar product or even disassembling and painting these interior panels.

Both front and rear bumpers are in great form and condition.

Below the radiator grill and tucked behind the front bumper is a horizontal area that has developed a little rust in a seam. It is really not noticeable unless you're looking at it from above. Enlarge photo to get a better view.

Pop-top is all original and without stains or rips. I did replace all of the pop-top seals with new rubber from GoWesty.

The tires on the van are nothing special. As I mentioned above, when I purchased the van it had original, old, cracked tires that I did not dare use. I figured the new owner might want to put specific tires on the van (possibly a bigger 15 inch wheel and tire or a new set of C - rated stock tires) I simply put on some used Hankook 185/70R14 tires that work for now, and the new owner can decide on what specific tire they want.

The odometer is working and shows 33,464 miles. The elderly man I purchased it from said that 10 years ago the odometer stopped for approximately 1,000 miles, after which it was fixed and the stoppage was reported to the local Department of Motor Vehicles. When I purchased the van I registered it, and the new title I have shows no mileage discrepancy. It simply lists it as exempt from mileage requirements because of the vehicle age. I have heard that these old vans have odometer troubles, but looking at the original paint and interior condition of the van I believe that the current mileage estimate of 34,500 is correct.
Interior original carpet and upholstery is in near perfect condition. The pictures speak more than words. Click on any photo to enlarge and take a closer look.

All appliances work (stove, sink, fridge) including the light display showing water and battery level.

A photo of the original Michelins. Spare tire is also still the original and will need to be replaced.
The van comes with the original VW sales brochure. The van looks like it came straight off the pages of the brochure.

I have owned several VW vans over the years, and the condition of the original paint on this van amazes me. No rust in many of the suspect seam and window areas.

Here is a close up of the one area of concern. The damage is superficial and there is little or no rust. Enlarge photo to get a close up.

All glass is original and in excellent condition.

Old original 1984 Utah title from previous owner

Even has ice cube tray
Owners manuals, receipts, and 1982 Vanagon sales brochure
In the garage next to our daily driver - a 2002 Eurovan Westfalia

Somebody was wondering about the condition of the vinyl on the sides of the seats. (passenger's side)
Driver's side
A few pictures of the undercarriage
The rubber boots on the axles and the steering linkage look good, but the small rubber boot on the shifting linkage was shot, and will need to be replaced. I'll see if I can get one from the dealer in the next day or two.